Nordic IPO + Stock Market Day 2024

TechBBQ Day 0: Investors, potential IPO candidates and listed companies

On the 10th of September 2024 - the day before TechBBQ starts - we invite companies and investors to join this new event in what includes both networking and some great speakers on stage. It's for individuals with an interest in IPO and stockmarket. We have limited seats so please don't wait to purchase or apply for your ticket.

TechBBQ has become the heartbeat of the startup and innovation ecosystem in Scandinavia. It began as a humble BBQ gathering for tech enthusiasts and entrepreneurs in 2013 but has since evolved into a large-scale Summit that draws attendees from around the world for two days of inspiration, networking, and growth. Last year 7,500 people attended to the two-days conference in Copenhagen, including 1,100 investors and 400 speakers.

The Nordic IPO + Stock Market Day will connect people and bring focus on the growth journey through the capital markets and bring together investors and a range of interesting companies, either listed or considering listing.

The background for this events is that in Europe, venture capital is the standard choice for growth companies when raising capital for expansion, and much of the ecosystem only talks about the journey towards and access to venture capital.

Becoming a public listed company is considered less interesting for many. This is due to the often limited investment culture, lack of stock market knowledge, in some countries also tax regulations, and the difficulty of attracting investors to European stock markets. Therefore, the number of public listed companies in many European countries has been declining over the last 20 years, and particularly in 2023, we saw many delistings and almost none IPOs.

When companies go public, they can raise capital by issuing shares, allowing them to invest, expand, and innovate. This can lead to economic growth, job creation, and technological advancements. Furthermore, stock markets enable more people to invest in the sector and simultaneously increase the opportunity for companies to be anchored in Europe, scale, and create European jobs. The alternative is for successful companies to be sold to American or Asian owners before they have a chance to scale in Europe. They could just as well be listed on one of the many European stock exchanges. 

Why should you attend Nordic IPO + Stock Market Day?

You are a venture fund, family office or a professional investor:

Meet interesting companies, potential deals and get inspired to consider if some of your portfolio companies can use an IPO as exit or use an IPO to finance future growth, get more publicity and a larger return in the years after the IPO.

You run a public listed company:

Meet the ecosystem of listed companies. Connect with potential investors, advisors, and management from other listed companies.

You run an un-listed company:

Learn from other companies why they chose to do an IPO. Meet and connect with investors, the ecosystem around the stock market and listed companies.

You are a part of the stock market ecosystem:

Meet companies, investors, and other stakeholders to strengthen your network and your business.

Please note that this event is not intended for retail investors

Become a partner!

Nordic IPO + Stock Market Day is a great opportunity to support and engage with the stockmarket community and ecosystem. Please get in touch if you want to learn more about the opportunities. Please write to 


Danish Industry Foundation in central Copenhagen

Association of Listed Growth Companies - FBV

FBV represents the ecosystem of companies that want or have chosen to go public in order to raise capital to finance their growth journey. We are an interest organization that speaks for companies. We offer our members networking, events, training, analyses, political influence and knowledge sharing.


TechBBQ exists to support and strengthen the Nordic startup-ecosystem. We build communities and foster growth for startups and scaleups based on the Nordic values of overcoming egos, barriers and promoting openness, trust and inclusion.

TechBBQ started out as a small BBQ gathering for tech enthusiasts and entrepreneurs back in 2013, in a park in Copenhagen. Over the years, we have grown and evolved into the largest and most ‘hyggelig’ event of its kind in Scandinavia.